A Day in the Life at Millbrook House Care Home: Unveiling the Magic of Namaste Care

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A Day in the Life at Millbrook House Care Home: Unveiling the Magic of Namaste Care

Millbrook House care home

Namaste Care: A Holistic Approach to Dementia Care at Millbrook House

Nestled in the heart of Southport, Millbrook House is more than just a nursing home – it is a place where nearly 50 residents living with dementia find comfort and ‘namaste’ care. Namaste care is a holistic and compassionate approach to dementia care that emphasises the individual’s dignity, well-being, and emotional connection. Rooted in the principles of person-centred care, Namaste care focuses on providing comfort, respect, and a sense of purpose to individuals living with dementia. In this blog, we invite you to step into the world of Millbrook House and discover what ‘Namaste’ dementia care at Millbrook is all about!

Engaging Minds and Bodies: The Millbrook’s Enriching Activity Programme

Our experienced activities coordinator, Ian, plays a crucial role in enriching the lives of the residents through a variety of engaging activities that focus on both physical and mental exercises.

Daily sing-along sessions & themed-based activities, for example, sit-down Tennis with the residents whilst we watch Wimbledon are just a few of the activities Millbrook House do to actively engage the residents. Ian understands the importance of physical activity for the overall well-being of the residents. Sit-down tennis is a modified version of the popular sport that allows all residents to participate and have fun regardless of mobility. This activity not only promotes physical movement, hand-eye coordination, and balance but is also great fun and encourages healthy competition!

In addition to sit-down tennis, Ian organises lively sing-along sessions throughout the day where he encourages the residents to join in and sing their favourite songs through the decades. Music has a unique way of connecting with individuals, especially those living with dementia, and it often evokes cherished memories. These sing-along sessions lift spirits and evoke a joyful atmosphere throughout Millbrook House.

In addition, Ian recognises the significance of keeping the residents’ minds active and sharp. Tai Chi, a gentle form of exercise that combines slow movements with deep breathing, is regularly conducted by Ian. This ancient practice promotes balance, flexibility, and relaxation and enhances cognitive functions and mental clarity.

Ian’s passion for languages goes beyond creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere at Millbrook House. He firmly believes in the cognitive benefits of engaging residents with a multi-lingual approach, especially for those living with dementia. Ian often speaks with the residents in their native language and engages with the residents and encourages them to talk about their life. Research has shown that stimulating the brain through language and communication can have a positive impact on the cognitive function and memory retention of residents.

Ian’s unique approach to activities at Millbrook House perfectly complements the person-centred care philosophy. He takes the time to understand each resident’s abilities and interests, tailoring the activities to suit their individual preferences. With his infectious enthusiasm and genuine care for the residents, Ian creates an inclusive and vibrant environment that leaves a lasting positive impact on everyone at Millbrook House.

A Melodic Dining Experience: Musical Accompaniment to Mealtimes

One unique aspect of the dining experience at Millbrook House is the musical accompaniment during mealtimes. As residents all come together to enjoy their food, they are treated to the nostalgic tunes of their favourite artists, ranging from the soulful performances of Paul Potts to the beautiful melodies of Elvis Presley. The music serves as a beautiful backdrop, setting the perfect scene for enjoyable conversations and a sense of community.

Furthermore, the chef actively seeks input and feedback from the residents, ensuring that their preferences and favourite dishes are considered when planning future menus. The team at Millbrook House recognises that the dining experience is not just about providing great-tasting nutritional food but also an opportunity to create cherished memories. Special occasions and birthdays are celebrated with delicious cakes and treats, making residents feel loved and appreciated on their special days.

Person-Centred Approach: Building Trust and Nurturing Bonds

At Millbrook House, we believe that every individual is unique, and their care should reflect their personality, preferences, and routines, which are ever-changing. Before a resident moves in, we conduct comprehensive assessments to understand their needs fully. This valuable information is then woven into personalised care plans that guide our caregivers in providing attentive and dedicated support.

Our senior care assistant, Sian Taylor, who has been with Millbrook House for the past seven years, beautifully summed up the essence of our care philosophy. She expressed, ‘Being a carer is all about building real relationships with the residents and understanding and being attentive and responsive to their needs.” This sentiment echoes the heart of our approach – valuing each resident as a unique individual and forming genuine bonds of trust and care. Sian’s dedication and pride in her time at Millbrook House exemplify the deep sense of fulfilment that comes from providing personalised care and creating a nurturing environment for our residents.


In conclusion, Millbrook House care home in Southport stands as a shining example of the transformative power of ‘namaste’ dementia care. Through their person-centred approach and dedication to providing an exceptional experience, the residents find comfort, joy, and a true sense of community within its walls. With a strong emphasis on person-centred care, the home’s experienced activities coordinator, Ian, orchestrates engaging and inclusive activities that promote physical well-being and mental agility. The dedication of the care staff, exemplified by Sian Taylor, reflects the heart of the personalised care philosophy, where every individual is valued, understood, and supported in their unique journey.

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