Celebrating 40 years of Dovehaven

Dovehaven Care Homes is excited to celebrate our 40th anniversary, marking four decades of dedicated service to elderly residents and their families. Throughout the month of October, Dovehaven is hosting a wide range of events for staff and residents to celebrate our ruby anniversary.

As the leading care provider in the North-West, Celebrating 40 years of Dovehaven offers us as a company, the chance for the team and residents, to celebrate and commemorate the company’s growth and ever-committed dedication to excellent care across the region.

“We have an amazing team at Dovehaven. We’ve built that team up over a number of years and we’re very proud of them and very proud of the care that they deliver” founder and owner Mark Gilbert said.

Founders and owners Mark and Wendi Gilbert began Dovehaven Care Homes in 1983, when they opened Dovehaven Residential Home in Southport. Since then, the company has grown to over 20 care homes strong across the North-West, providing residential, nursing, dementia and specialist health care. While the month of October is a chance for the Dovehaven team and residents to celebrate Dovehaven’s remarkable milestone, the Gilbert Family want to take the opportunity give back and to say thank you to all of the individuals, families and local businesses that have helped and supported Dovehaven over the past forty years.

“To every member of staff, every helper, every family member. A huge thank you to them all” founder and owner Wendi Gilbert said.

Mark and Wendi Gilbert stand shoulder to shoulder outside Dovehaven Residential Home, where they began the Dovehaven Family 40 years ago.
Mark and Wendi Gilbert outside Dovehaven Residential Home, where they began the Dovehaven Family 40 years ago.
A large Victorian red brick building, with a conservatory. The grounds of the care home are surrounded by big tress and lush green grass
Dovehaven Residential Home in Southport








CEO Jenny Davies writes:

“I am extremely proud to lead the Dovehaven business, a business that has quality and care at the centre of everything we do. To work with owners and colleagues who have worked tirelessly to improve elderly care provision in the North West is an honour. Whilst we are taking this opportunity to celebrate our 40 years of history, we are also focused on building a positive future for Dovehaven; continuing to foster an environment where people are proud to work, and a high quality of care for all our residents is at the heart of what we do. Here’s to the next 40 years and beyond.”

Dovehaven Care Homes is committed to delivering excellent and tailored care to each and everyone of their residents and has achieved remarkable success, consistently earning “Good” ratings from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Carehome.co.uk has recognized Dovehaven as one of the top 20 care home groups in the UK, with consistent ratings of 9.5 and above across its network. Dovehaven was founded on and continues to operate through their guiding principles of passion, kindness, integrity and inclusivity.

40 Acts of Kindness

To aid in celebrating 40 years of Dovehaven we have committed as a company to carrying out forty acts of kindness throughout the month of October. These good deeds will come in all shapes and sizes, and will be documented on Dovehaven’s social media, including our Instagram account. Some of these acts may also be delivered throughout the community, and we invite anyone who discovers an act of kindness to document it online, using the hashtag #Dovehaven40.

To celebrate our 40th birthday, Dovehaven has a jam-packed month of events planned. Every Friday in October, the care team, residents and support team of Dovehaven’s care homes will be connecting via video call to join together in celebration and take part in a variety of events, including Bonanza Birthday Bingo and a virtual cocktail party. As well as the Friday events, Dovehaven’s homes will be all be decorating their front doors, complete with a special 40th birthday wreath.

We encourage everyone to keep their eyes peeled for the best dressed front doors, as you travel around Dovehaven’s homes.

Dovehaven’s Big Birthday Bingo Bonanza

Eyes Down, Look in!

Team members and residents from across the Dovehaven Family came together on Friday to take part in Dovehaven’s Big Birthday Bingo Bonanza. Via video call, all 21 of Dovehaven’s homes were invited to take part in the online Bingo party. The event was arranged as part of Dovehaven’s 40th birthday celebrations, commemorating the remarkable milestone of four decades of delivering high-quality care to our residents across the North-West.

The Bingo was hosted by our extra special Guest Bingo Caller, CEO Jenny Davies who got stuck in to the bingo spirit. Adorned in a sparkly gold waistcoat, with matching bowtie and stripy top hat, Jenny got the kept the party going for all of our staff and residents, and even knowing all of the Bingo Lingo! Residents could see Jenny as the Bingo Host through a live video feed that was shown on Televisions and Computers where the bingo was taking place.



Residents and the team members from participating homes, enjoyed a fun filled afternoon with over 60 exciting prizes up for grabs. Throughout the games, Residents in each of our homes had the chance to win up to three prizes, including chocolates, sweets and a savoury cheese and crackers hamper. Of course, not every home had a winning ticket amongst them, so many homes decided to continue playing into the afternoon, while others have kept the prize hampers to be won at a later date, or to simply be shared out and enjoyed together.

Congratulations to all of our winners, we hope you enjoy your prizes!

Celebrating 40 years of Dovehaven

The Dovehaven Big Birthday Bingo Bonanza is part of the ongoing celebrations, commemorating Dovehaven’s phenomenal milestone of four decades of providing high-quality care services to residents across the North-West. Follow along with our Birthday Celebrations over on our Social Media.

Future events in the celebrations will include a Best Dressed Door competition, 40 Acts of Kindness and a special announcement from the owners and founders, Mark and Wendi Gilbert. Earlier in the month, Mark and Wendi released a video, thanking staff members, residents, families and local businesses for their support of the company over the past 40 years. Watch Mark and Wendi’s thank you video.


Written by Chris Williams

Creative Manager @ Dovehaven Care Homes

Dovehaven hires Jenny Davies as its first CEO

Dovehaven CEO Announcement

Dovehaven, a leading care home provider in the Northwest, recently made a significant announcement regarding the appointment of Jenny Davies as their first-ever Chief Executive Officer. With an impressive background in Regulated Utilities, Telecoms, and Retail, Jenny brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Prior to joining Dovehaven, she held the position of CEO at THG Ingenuity and M247, demonstrating her expertise in leading large people-centric organizations.

The decision to appoint Jenny as CEO reflects Dovehaven’s rapid growth in recent years, with 22 homes already established across Merseyside and Lancashire. Under Jenny’s leadership, the company is poised for further expansion and development. Mark Gilbert, Owner and Chairman of Dovehaven, expressed his enthusiasm for Jenny’s appointment, highlighting her broad experience and genuine people-centred leadership as crucial factors in the decision-making process.

Jenny herself expressed her excitement about joining Dovehaven, emphasizing the importance of the health and social care sector in providing high-quality adult social care. Recognizing the significance of this sector, particularly in recent times, Jenny acknowledged the strong purpose of Dovehaven and expressed her commitment to working closely with the owners and the capable team to drive the business forward. Her vision is to establish Dovehaven as the leading care home provider in the Northwest.

For those interested in learning more about Jenny and her professional journey, she can be found on LinkedIn at Jenny Davies’ LinkedIn profile. Her LinkedIn profile offers insights into her background, accomplishments, and aspirations within the health and social care industry.

Dovehaven’s appointment of Jenny Davies as their CEO marks an exciting chapter for the organization. With her extensive experience, strong leadership skills, and passion for providing exceptional care, Jenny is poised to lead Dovehaven into a future of continued growth, innovation, and excellence in the field of adult social care.



Dovehaven are now proud supporters of The Care Workers Charity

Dovehaven Officially Supports The Care Workers Charity

We are thrilled to announce that Dovehaven is now an official supporter of The Care Workers Charity.

Financial Support through the Crisis Grant Program

The past 18 months have been incredibly challenging for everyone in social care due to the impact of Covid-19. The Care Workers Charity offers a Crisis Grant program to assist individuals who have faced financial hardships during this time. If you have experienced a sudden loss of income, illness or injury, relationship breakdown, or bereavement, you may be eligible for financial support. The grant can be used for essential items, house repairs, bills, or even basic necessities like food. To learn more about the eligibility criteria and apply for the Crisis Grant, please visit the charity’s website.

Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Maintaining good mental health is crucial, especially in these highly stressful times. The Care Workers Charity recognizes this and has recently launched a Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Programme. Through this program, employees can access up to 10 hours of therapy with a professional from an accredited mental health provider. The best part is that this service is completely free of charge. To ensure privacy, employees have the option of self-referral. If you feel that talking to someone could benefit you, we encourage you to explore the application process and take advantage of this valuable support.

No Repayment Required

It’s important to note that any grants received from The Care Workers Charity do not need to be repaid. The charity is dedicated to supporting all individuals in social care, and there should be no hesitation in seeking assistance when needed.

Stay Updated with The Care Workers Charity

To stay informed about the latest updates, news, and initiatives from The Care Workers Charity, follow them on social media platforms such as Twitter (@careworkersfund), Facebook, and Instagram (the care workers’ charity).

We are proud to be supporting The Care Workers Charity and are committed to promoting the well-being of our employees in social care. Together, we can overcome the challenges and provide the support that is needed during these difficult times.

Visit their website here.

Dovehaven rated in UK ‘Top 20’

Dovehaven, a care home group in the UK, has recently achieved significant recognition for their outstanding care and services. They were named one of the ‘Top 20 Rated Large Care Home Groups in the UK’ by Carehome.co.uk, a platform often referred to as the care sector’s equivalent of TripAdvisor. This achievement has brought great joy and celebration to the entire Dovehaven ‘family’ of care homes.

The Managing Director of Dovehaven, Sam Jacob, expressed immense gratitude to the residents, their families, and friends who took the time to share their reviews and feedback. He acknowledged that this recognition is not only a milestone for Dovehaven but also a testament to the hard work and dedication exhibited by the entire Dovehaven team. Sam Jacob emphasized that receiving positive reviews and recognition from the residents and their families is of utmost importance to Dovehaven, as it reflects the genuine satisfaction and trust placed in their care.

Furthermore, Garden Lodge Care Home, a part of Dovehaven, achieved an additional accolade by being recognized as one of the ‘Top 20 Rated Care Homes in the North West.’ This achievement reflects the exceptional efforts of Catherine Ponzini, the care home’s team, and the unwavering support they received from their residents and families. Dovehaven takes great pride in this accomplishment, considering it a highly sought-after recognition within the care home industry.

Dovehaven’s message emphasizes that the opinions and experiences shared by the residents and their families hold more significance than the self-proclaimed excellence of the care home group. They extend heartfelt thanks to the families who have provided kind and supportive comments, as well as constructive feedback, which has contributed to the growth and improvement of Dovehaven’s services. The recognition and appreciation from the residents and their families mean a great deal to Dovehaven, as it reflects their commitment to providing exceptional care and creating a nurturing environment for their residents.

International Nurses’ Day 2021


Celebrating  ‘International Nurses’ Day’  

International Nurses’ Day was celebrated on Wednesday 12th May, with our own Dovehaven nurses being recognised for their kindness, compassion and caring.

Manchester House and Dean Wood Manor both celebrated the nursing profession, with Dean Wood Manor also celebrating the trailblazing nurses of the past. They made a fantastic display of those nurses who have been in the profession since nursing was established over a century ago.

Of course, in Dovehaven we have members of the senior team members who are qualified nurses, as well, of course,  as many residents in our homes.

Church View have three  residents who worked as nurses and these are their stories:

Pat qualified at 22 years of age and loved being a nurse,  she specialised in surgery and said her favourite part of the job was helping and organising emergencies. The least favourite job was cleaning the sluice!

Margaret worked in care from the age of 15 and then went into her nursing career. Margaret loved being a nurse and specialised in palliative care. Margaret still has a beautiful caring nature, like the saying goes, ‘once a nurse always a nurse’.

Kath qualified as nurse at the age of 21. She worked in several Welsh hospitals and in Broadgreen, Liverpool. Kath loved nursing and specialised in general medicine, she says he favourite part of the role was helping people be free from pain and she loved to teach .

Brooklands were also able to tell us something about Colette, a retired nurse. She worked for 22 years in the Royal Liverpool. Old habits die hard, Colette is the chief bed maker at Brooklands and happily checks the care staff are all in line!

We appreciate their experience, skills and talents and are so happy we are able to highlight their years of dedicated service to the general public.

The very best of the nursing profession, no matter in which decade they began their careers!

The sun is shining down on Dovehaven!

Dovehaven on target to be ‘carbon neutral’

Our long term commitment to our care homes is deep set and to ensure that our care business is sustainable for years to come Dovehaven, uniquely, have had a green strategy, before the rest of the world realised they needed one!

Dovehaven have taken on the serious challenge of being the first care home group to become ‘carbon neutral’. This target being achieved by offsetting the carbon footprint of our business, by working with ‘green’ energy experts who are able to provide current best practice and actions for us to follow.

Every Dovehaven home now has solar panels installed on the roof of their building with the energy from our rooftops used in our homes. This ensures our fuel requirements from conventional fossil based sources is minimised. We are proud to say that we were the winner of the 2019  Energy Efficiency Award in the ‘Renewable Heat Installer’ category and were highly commended in the ‘Best Large Scale Project’ category also in 2019. We are certainly making progress!

On our journey to become even greener, biomass boilers have been installed where possible in our homes and the recent introduction of digital dashboards, just like a smart meter at home, ensures we can  monitor energy usage and surplus. Surplus, or ‘spare’ energy is sold back to the national grid for others to use. What could be better, all we need and more?  Solar power is of course renewable and an infinite source of energy, converting sunshine, or should we say ‘daylight’  into both electricity and heat is the way our homes can be sure our carbon footprint is diminishing daily.

Let us say that our drive to achieve our aim to be carbon neutral, making the least possible impact on the planet, is great for our homes, great for our residents and also are perfectly aligned with other ‘best in class’ fuel efficient businesses. But most of all, is a legacy for future generations, for which we feel our older generations now would be most proud.