Maple Lodge features on BBC Granada news

Lise McNally interviews Lou Corris 

Maple Lodge were featured on a BBC Granada News report in May when the subject of family visits to care homes was a ‘hot topic’. The home featured on the evening news in a report highlighting a campaign group supporting care home residents in calling on the Government to end what they call ‘inhumane restrictions’ on family visits.

The Rights for Residents Group, which was founded by two Liverpool women, said many care homes were ignoring the new relaxed guidelines on family visits – often limiting residents to one, 30 minute visit a week at most.

How great to see Lou Corris and her team talk about testing, visiting and how life has changed in our care homes for them, family members and our residents. Lou was interviewed and she was able to explain all of the continued efforts they, and all Dovehaven homes, were making to ensure that family members could visit their residents, safely, and within the government guidelines.

Lou said ‘We spend a lot of our time, the diaries quite full, I feel a bit like an events coordinator sometimes.’

Lou and her Maple Lodge team did the home and us proud. After the report was broadcast, two members of the public took the trouble to contact us via the Dovehaven website and send us comments about the report:

‘Hello. I watched your Interview on the TV tonight.

My mum (80) has dementia. She was in the Countess with a broken ankle and Covid hit so she wasn’t allowed home. They said my dad (82) couldn’t look after her safely. And they were right. At that point mum did recognise us. It took a while. But once we had sang all her favourite hymns, she got it. Xx But mum was eventually moved into a care home. And now we can see her she has absolutely no idea who we are. (The gap was just too long) We were , and still are such a close family.
When I watched your interview tonight. You said ‘I work with patients with dementia and you may think they don’t know you been for the visit but they are happier when you have gone. Xx

You have no idea how happy that made me feel. I phoned my sister and said, Did you see the lady on the news about care homes and she said yes … I couldn’t stop crying.

Lou. Thank you so much for your comments. We really didn’t think our mum could do emotion. Whose right? Will we never know. But tonight you gave us hope and made our weekly visits full of hope.  Thank you.

‘Hi Guys,
Just saw all about your Maple Lodge Home on BBC news, how nice to see people who care and residents getting cared for,……. Your home looked lovely and you can see how much the girls loved the residents’

What wonderful comments!

Thank you to our family members who also took part in the report, we do appreciate it.

Should you wish to see the report, please follow this link


Dovehaven embraces Oomph! On Demand

If laughing yoga isn’t your thing……something else will be!

Dovehaven have signed up with ‘Oomph! on Demand’ to access the new online world of activity resources for a further 2 years. This platforms provides engaging exercise and activity content for care homes, 365 days a year, across a diverse range of topics and meeting a range of interests and abilities.

Oomph! On Demand is streamed into all care homes to enhance the minds, bodies and souls of care home residents!

The Dovehaven homes have access to the whole platform, which includes:

  • Sports sessions such as slipper soccer and seated volleyball, designed with national sports bodies including Volleyball England, Boccia England and the English Cricket Board
  • Exercise activities adapted for different health conditions with experts from Arthritis Action and the University of Exeter
  • Language lessons with Lingo Flamingo, an expert organisation who make language learning accessible for all and improve the lives of those living with dementia.
  • Singalongs, music therapy sessions, drama workshops, virtual tours of stunning landscapes, cookery inspiration and how-to craft activities, to name but a few!

Care home staff and residents are able to select activities according to their personal interests.

‘Oomph! On Demand’ gives our homes and residents easy access to an ever widening choice of activities and hobbies, we love it’. said Jo Hadfield, Head of Quality at Dovehaven.

Can you hear laughing?  That laughing yoga session has just started!

‘LOVE’ Award from a member of the public!

Dovehaven are proud present an ‘extra special’ LOVE Award

Congratulations to Eric Jones who has been presented with a Dovehaven ‘LOVE’ Award after a member of the public spotted him accompanying a Birch Abbey resident to A&E at Southport Hospital. She was so impressed, she took it upon herself to message the Dovehaven website saying:

I just wanted to write an email about one of your staff members. I am sat in Southport a&e currently and he is here with a patient. He is so caring and kind with the patient and offering reassurance constantly. I would be delighted if he was looking after a family member of mine. You should be very proud to have a member of staff like him. I haven’t done this before but it is really heart-warming to watch.

Best wishes


Eric was presented with his award by Home Manager Gavin Trerise and Jan Hunstone, Regional Manager. As Eric was recognised for his actions by a member of the public he was also presented with an Amazon voucher, from which he has purchased an Alexa. We hope you enjoy using it Eric.

We are happy to say, Eric you deserve the recognition, you have made everyone in the Dovehaven family of  homes very proud.




V E Day celebrations at Dovehaven

Residents take part in Anniversary celebrations for VE Day  

The 76th anniversary of V E Day 2021 was celebrated in style in our Dovehaven homes. Union Jacks were strung up as bunting and the homes were decorated to ensure that the celebrations were as they should be.

Marsh House decorated their dining room and had a ball. Brooklands enjoyed an afternoon in true ‘street party style. Bunting, flags, balloons, buffet, they had it all! Paradise House had a great party with a surprise visit from a bear, who would have thought it! Church View sang Vera Lynn songs and ate fish and chips, now that’s very British!

Manchester House had also put a lot of preparation into the day and put on the most fantastic display of items from the era. Apart from decorating the doorway of the home with the union jack bunting, there were some real ‘conversation starters’. A tin warders hat, a box of tea, powered egg and a gas mask, there was everything displayed to evoke the 1940’s. What a great way to set the atmosphere for the day, which included a great party!

However Dean Wood Manor organised a day, like not other, with vintage cars and appropriate 1940’s costume to ensure the day had that authentic feel.

Residents enjoyed being able to admire the cars, which were driven right up to the front door, with many pictures were taken as a momento for the day. Staff dressed as land girls and members of the home guard, everyone entered into the spirit of the day. The fun did not stop there, inside the party continued with a karaoke party  and a celebratory cake and buffet. It was certainly a day to remember.

To see the full album of photos from V E day 2021 visit the Dovehaven care homes  facebook page or follow us on Instagram.

Residents amazed by VR Headsets

‘Out of this world’ is the verdict!

If you thought that swimming with turtles was one of those things you only imagined you might get to be able to do, well you might be wrong. Some of our homes have been part of a trial with VR Care, who promote the use of virtual reality experiences in care home settings where the experience of swimming with turtles is very real indeed!

Whether being on safari with big game in Africa, having a tour of the space station or a tour around Roman Chester, the experience is nothing but captivating for all who have tried it, in fact our residents have been nothing but amazed. Our team members have had a try as well, this is a fantastic innovation.

Those homes who have been involved with the pilot scheme are:

  • Manchester House
  • Millbrook
  • The Brunswick
  • Dovehaven Grove
  • Marsh House
  • Church View

With limitless subjects which can be explored, this is an advancement in the pursuit of an individuals hobbies and interests which previously have not been within a care environment. How things are changing!

Butterflies released in Birkdale

Westcliffe Manor have been getting to know the most attractive members of the butterfly family.

Thanks to Linda, the daughter of a resident, Westcliffe Manor have been able to release ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies into their garden. Released at the end of April when the blossom was on the fruit tree, the residents were able to learn about the process of rearing and releasing these beautiful butterflies successfully.

The photographs taken on the day do little justice to the close up view everyone had when the butterfly was placed upon the flowers.

Westcliffe Manor now have the idea using their  butterfly images for cards or invitations.

What an interesting activity for everyone to be involved in.

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