Welcome Avonleigh Gardens to the Dovehaven Family of Care Homes

Avonleigh Gardens care home located in the heart of Oldham in Greater Manchester
Avonleigh Gardens care home located in the heart of Oldham in Greater Manchester
Dovehaven Care Home Group is pleased to welcome Avonleigh Gardens care home into the Dovehaven family of care homes.

This week, Dovehaven have completed on their purchase of Avonleigh Gardens Care Home. This move marks a significant expansion for Dovehaven, reinforcing our commitment to providing exceptional person-centred care to residents across the north west. The home, which is located in Oldham, Greater Manchester was previously operated by MHA (Methodist Housing Association). Continue reading “Welcome Avonleigh Gardens to the Dovehaven Family of Care Homes”

Moving on Up! Welcome to the new floor of Pennine View

Pennine View in Accrington, is preparing to welcome new residents back to their top floor after extensive renovations.

The care home has this week cut the red ribbon and officially re-entered the 3rd floor of the home into service. The new floor features 13 newly decorated ensuite bedrooms, a large TV lounge, hair salon and bright dining hall.

A modern dining hall with wooden padded chairs, round tables with pink table cloths. The walls are decorated with framed pictures and there are flower arrangements on tables

A care home lounge with a beautiful flower arrangement on a coffee table and TV on the wallA young female carer helps an elderly woman during meal time at a care home






Pennine View offers residential care for individuals 65 and over living with mild and moderate dementia. The home scores 9.5 on Carehome.co.uk and has a CQC rating of Good in all categories.

Since purchasing Pennine View in 2021, the 3rd floor has been closed to residents. The Dovehaven team have been working tirelessly over the past eighteen months to fully rejuvenate the space. All thirteen of the ensuite bedrooms have been redecorated, as well as the hair salon, lounge and dining hall all receiving a fresh lick of paint, new fixtures, furnishing and finishing touches.

The opening of the floor marks the end of a period of change for the home. Pennine View welcomed the new registered home manager, Emma Willoughby in Month, Year. Since joining, the home has gone from strength to strength, receiving a CQC rating of Good in May, 2023. When the home welcomes the first residents back to the floor, it will signal the beginning of a new chapter for Pennine View.

A bright bedroom with a single bed, armchair and bedside tableA group of elderly residents doing armchair exercises led by a carer

A hair salon with floral wallpaper and blue salon chairs






Located in Accrington, the home is at the heart of the community and has many strong links with local businesses, schools and shops. Residents at Pennine View often enjoy visits from local nurseries and other youth groups, where they play games, do crafts and garden (weather permitting!).

The new floor will prepare and serve the same great menu that the home is known for, including old favourites like pies, roasts and sticky toffee pudding. Created by our in house chefs, meals are always packed with quality, seasonal and nutritious ingredients. With the reassurance that dietitians oversee the menu preparation, we guarantee our meals are as nourishing as they are appealing and delicious.

If you know someone struggling with the effects of dementia, who you believe would benefit from calling Pennine View home, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Meet Abi: Dovehaven’s Digital Marketing Apprentice #NAW2024

A headshot of Abi Warley.As it is national apprenticeships week, we wanted to shine a light on Dovehaven’s digital apprentice, Abi Warley.

Abi joined Dovehaven in October 2023 after completing her studies in Graphic Design at Southport college. As part of the Dovehaven Corporate Development Team, she has been able to put her graphic design skills into practice in the real world. Since starting at Dovehaven, Abi has been involved with some of the organisation’s biggest campaigns, including the re-opening of the top floor of Pennine View Care Home, our Forever Together campaign, and our 40th birthday celebrations last October (we really threw her in to the deep end with that one).

As Dovehaven’s digital marketing apprentice, Abi is constantly learning on the job, earning a wage and growing as a young professional early in her career. Each week, Abi has one day dedicated to working towards her apprenticeship qualification, learning online with a dedicated tutor. The rest of the week Abi is on the ground, visiting our care homes, taking part in meetings with Managers and helping to make decisions about advertising spend, marketing campaigns, and brand design.

We asked Abi about the top 5 things she has learnt since starting at Dovehaven:


5 things I have learnt being a digital marketing apprentice working for a large care home group:

1. The first thing I have learnt since working as a digital marketing apprentice is that you don’t have to learn just from a book, but you can also learn from people within your industry. That could be whether they are teaching you something completely new or helping you expand on your current knowledge.

2. Another key thing I have learnt which I consider to be important is responding to the negative as well as the positive. Working in the marketing industry means you could spend a lot of time reading what others have written about your company on social media whether it be good or bad. As much as everyone loves the positive it’s important to listen to the negative as it shows that we as a company listen to what everyone is saying and not just ignoring it, and it can help us focus on what we need to improve on.

3. Researching different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc are also key in digital marketing as it will help you know what age ranges to reach on those platforms. For example, if you were to reach someone between the ages of 50-60, it would be more reasonable to advertise on Facebook whereas someone in their 20’s might be more active on Instagram or TikTok.

4. Something key I’ve learnt is that without social media, a lot of businesses might struggle to advertise themselves as without the social media presence it would be more difficult to reach potential customers and instead you would have to rely on making sure your SEO is high to make sure you rank higher on search engines.

5. The last key thing I’ve learnt since working as a digital marketing apprentice for a large care home group is that you must have a balance between what you’re posting such as a mix of photos, videos and information graphics. The different social media platforms usually have specific types of posts, such as TikTok is used for videos whereas Instagram and Facebook would generally have photos. – Abi

We’re so proud to have such young and creative talent working at Dovehaven. Doing this apprenticeship will set Abi up for a bright future, armed with all the skills she needs to succeed in a career in digital marketing.

To find out more about the wide range of career opportunities here at Dovehaven, please visit our recruitment page  http://dovehaven.co.uk/recruitment/

or email us at Recruitment@Dovehavencarehomes.co.uk and one of our team will be able to support you with your enquiry!

Dovehaven’s 460 miles challenge for Heart Month

DID YOU KNOW 460 People die each day in the UK due to heart related disease?

This month, Dovehaven are on a mission. We want to help raise awareness of heart related diseases and to encourage heart healthy habits for our colleagues. In collaboration with Heart UK, Dovehaven Care Homes is taking on the Challenge 46.

During this month long challenge, Dovehaven colleagues are attempting to collectively walk 460 miles! In covering this distance, we hope to spread awareness of the risks of high cholesterol. One step at a time, we want to promote a path to good heart health for our employees. An active lifestyle is not only important for our physical health, but also the mental health and wellbeing of individuals. A brisk 10-minute daily walk has been proven to be the cheapest and simplest way to reduce ones risk of developing heart related illnesses in later life, so it is crucial that we encourage many of our colleagues to put on their walking shoes this month and help us towards our goal of 460 miles!

Heart health is an important issue for Dovehaven. Throughout our 20 care homes across the North West, we have many residents and colleagues who are affected by heart related illnesses. During the Month, we will be taking many opportunities to share information about heart health. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we will be sharing steps that individuals can take to lower their own cholesterol and improve their own heart health.

Other events in the Month

Dovehaven’s 460 mile walk for Heart Month is just one of the events that the organisation are using to promote healthy heart habits for our residents and team members. Coinciding with the month of Valentines Day, Dovehaven’s approach to national Heart Month this February is all about sharing the love to ourselves as well as our friends and family. Mental well-being is just as important as our physical well-being. Taking steps to improve one, has had a proven effect on improving the other.

By taking on this challenge, Dovehaven is continuing our commitment to championing person-centred care, and improving the standard of care across the region. As an award winning care provider in the North West of England, we recognise the importance of taking care of Dovehaven employees, so they can continue to take excellent care of our residents. Find out more about the award winning care at Dovehaven.

To follow along with Dovehaven’s challenge to walk 460 miles, follow us on social media including Facebook and Linkedin!

An elderly couple walking hand in hand by the side of a canal

Dean Wood Manor rated 5th best care home in Wigan

Dean Wood Manor Care home stands proud in an idyllic green luscious landscape of well kept lawns and dark green trees.Dean Wood Manor has been ranked in the top 5 care homes in Wigan, according to an article posted by Wigan Today, last week.

In the list, Dean Wood Manor has been ranked as the 5th best rated care home in Wigan, based on Carehome.co.uk scores, of which Dean Wood Manor has secured a 9.8 rating!

Home Manager Jane Davies expressed her sincere thanks to all family members who have left their reviews of Dean Wood Manor on Carehome.co.uk in recent weeks.

Want to find out more about Dean Wood Manor Care Home?

Carehome.co.uk is the UK’s largest care home review site. The website allows verified family members and friends of residents to leave reviews of the care, the team, and the facilities of care homes up and down the country. Each care home is given a score out of 10, which helps customers and possible residents to compare the standards of care between many different care homes.

Part of the award-winning Dovehaven family of care homes, Dean Wood Manor is CQC rated Good, and specialises in Dementia Nursing care for 50 residents.

We are thrilled to be recognised so highly in this list of the top 17 care homes in Wigan and congratulate the hard work and dedication that the Dean Wood Manor team continually show to the residents and their families.

A big well done to all the other care homes who have been rated in this article. You can read the full list of Care Homes here (wigantoday.net)

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The festive feast: Christmas Dinner at Dovehaven Care Homes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas week quickly approaches, Dovehaven Care Homes is gearing up to create a Christmas Dinner dining experience that will make the holidays truly special for our residents. Behind the scenes in each of our kitchen’s, Dovehaven Care Homes partners with Apetito. The renowned catering company is the sister company of Wiltshire Farm Foods. This collaboration ensures that our residents receive meals of the utmost quality, prepared with precision and care. Apetito’s dedication to freshness and flavour aligns perfectly with our mission to offer delectable and nutritious meals to our cherished residents.

What’s on the menu?

Christmas Day Extravaganza:

On Christmas Day, our residents will be treated to a feast fit for royalty. The festivities kick off with a velvety Butternut Squash Soup, setting the tone for an indulgent meal. For the main course, residents can choose between the traditional Roast Turkey or the savory Roast Beef, accompanied by all the trimmings that make this season special. To cap off the celebration, dessert options include the classic Christmas Pudding with custard or a tempting Sherry Trifle.


Boxing Day Bliss:

Boxing Day continues the culinary journey with a delightful Pea and Ham Soup as the starter. The main course options include the succulent Wiltshire Ham with Orange and Cranberries or the flavourful Roast Lamb in Gravy. The festive spirit continues with dessert choices that include a Festive Fruit Crumble or a refreshing Lemon and Orange Sponge.




Welcoming the New Year in Style:

As we welcome the New Year, our residents will be treated to a sophisticated menu featuring Red Pepper and Tomato Soup as the starter. The main course options include Premium Roast Beef or Pork with Sage Stuffing, promising a delightful start to the year. For dessert, residents can indulge in the decadence of Tiramisu or the warm comfort of Mincemeat Crumble Sponge.




Thanking Dovehaven’s little helpers

Behind the deliciousness of every dish is the hardworking kitchen staff at Dovehaven Care Homes. Throughout Christmas, these dedicated individuals will be on shift. It is their hard work that ensures that every meal is prepared with love and Care. Their commitment to excellence ensures that residents receive not just a meal but an experience that warms the heart. However, our ongoing commitment to creating magical moments extends beyond the dining table. Our compassionate team of carers will be working tirelessly over the Holidays, providing top notch care, quality entertainment and making sure that every resident and their families have a carefree and joyous Christmas and New Year.

The team at Cedar Garden Care Home in Preston dressed up as Elves for this year’s Elf Day 2023

Share Your Experience:

Christmas dinner at Dovehaven is at the heart of our celebrations. While our staff continue to provide the highest quality care to our residents, we want to ask you to share your experiences with Dovehaven Care Homes over on Carehome.co.uk. To stay updated on all the Dovehaven festivities, follow us on social media including Facebook, Instagram and our new Dovehaven Tik Tok account!

Wishing you a joyous and delicious holiday season with your loved ones at Dovehaven!