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Residential Care

Our residential care supports those who are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a required level of independence in their own home.

Above and beyond required care needs, residential care is perfect for those who find living alone difficult, especially if they miss both the company and conversation with others. To have team of carers on hand, as required, plus excellent hospitality, certainly ensures residents feel safe and comfortable but, to have the company of others, when you need it, is hugely reassuring.

At Dovehaven it's 'Our family caring for your family'

Residential Care
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Supporting choice and independence

Residential care offers the reassurance and comfort of a living in a care home, for those who are finding it increasingly difficult due to mobility, care needs or loneliness to live alone. Having a well trained and compassionate care team on hand 24 hours a day, to assist, can go a long way to regain and maintain a desired level of independence. There are many things which can be achieved for residents with just a little expert care assistance, which may have stopped when living alone.

Our residential homes offer opportunities to make new friends, be part of social activities and enjoy a varied and tasty home cooked menu, prepared with differing tastes and specialist menus in mind.

Residential care ensures that lifelong interests and wellbeing can continue into the future. Usual routines, friendships and lifestyle can flourish for as long as you wish. Built into a personalised care plan, there are no barriers to continue living life, however you choose to live it.

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Our range of care and services are tailormade to meet your needs.

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