Dovehaven hires Jenny Davies as its first CEO


Dovehaven has appointed Jenny Davies as its first ever Chief Executive Officer.


Jenny has spent her career working at senior levels in Regulated Utilities, Telecoms and Retail and has been CEO in THG Ingenuity and M247 prior to joining the business. Her appointment comes after the group has grown rapidly over recent years, now owning 22 homes across Merseyside and Lancashire and is set to grow further under Jenny’s leadership.  


Mark Gilbert Owner and Chairman commented “We are so happy to have somebody with Jenny’s broad experience join the Dovehaven Board. Although Jenny is new to the sector, she has many years’ experience in highly regulated businesses and importantly has led large people centric organisations. It was not only Jenny’s commercial acumen that attracted us, but her genuine people centred leadership that made her the right choice for Dovehaven.”


Jenny added, it is an absolute pleasure to be joining this exceptional business.  I knew that my next role needed to be somewhere with a strong purpose and the health and social care sector has shown us all, no more than recently, how important high quality adult social care is to the people in our lives. I look forward to working with the owners and the capable team at Dovehaven to take the business forward and build the leading care home provider in the Northwest.

Dovehaven are now proud supporters of The Care Workers Charity



It is our greatest pleasure to announce that Dovehaven are now official supporters of The Care Workers Charity.


The Care Workers Charity exists to support individuals working in social care  and in turn, can now bring both financial and well-being support for all Dovehaven employees.

This past 18 months has been extremely difficult for everyone working in social care. Those struggling financially because of Covid-19, CWC may be able to help.
CWC’s Crisis Grant can give support for those who have been impacted financially in the last year because of some sudden or unforeseen life event or change in circumstances. Examples of this could be: a sudden loss of income, illness or injury, a relationship breakdown or a bereavement. A grant can be used to buy new white goods, pay for house repairs or bills, or simply to cover essentials such as food, amongst other items. If you have been in financial difficulty in the past year, all Dovehaven employees are able to review the eligibility criteria on the website.

CWC has also recently launched a Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Programme. It can be tough to maintain good mental health, especially at this extremely stressful time, and finding support can be a challenge. The CWC offers up to 10 hours of therapy with a professional via an accredited mental health provider. This is offered FREE of charge and employees can opt for self-referral to ensure privacy is maintained. Should anyone feel that they would benefit from talking to someone, have a look at the application process.

Please note grants do not need to be paid back. Also, please do not think you shouldn’t be asking for support – the charity exists to support all in social care.

To stay up to date with the charity, follow them on social media: twitter (@careworkersfund), facebook and Instagram (the care workers’ charity).

Dovehaven rated in UK ‘Top 20’

Dovehaven have been recognised as one of the ‘Top 20 Rated Large Care Home Groups in the UK’!  Thanks to the wonderful resident and family reviews sent to, the care sectors very own ‘Trip Advisor’,  we are celebrating this BIG success. By way of a ‘thank you’, our Partners and Managing Director Sam Jacob sent out this message to everyone:

This is a first for Dovehaven, a wonderful accolade for the hard work and dedication of the whole of the Dovehaven ‘family’ of care homes. Thanks to our residents, their families and friends, who have taken the time to send in their reviews and ensured that we as a family business can walk tall with other, more well known, national providers.’

If that wasn’t enough, Garden Lodge Care Home has been recognised as one of the ‘Top 20 Rated Care Homes in the North West’. How proud we are of Catherine Ponzini and her team who, with the support of their residents and families, have ensured their place in this much coveted list of care homes.

It is always what others say about our care and services which is more important about what we say about ourselves, so to those families who have written kind and supportive comments, given constructive feedback and recognised our wonderful Dovehaven team members we say ‘thank you’, it means more than we can say.

International Nurses’ Day 2021


Celebrating  ‘International Nurses’ Day’  

International Nurses’ Day was celebrated on Wednesday 12th May, with our own Dovehaven nurses being recognised for their kindness, compassion and caring.

Manchester House and Dean Wood Manor both celebrated the nursing profession, with Dean Wood Manor also celebrating the trailblazing nurses of the past. They made a fantastic display of those nurses who have been in the profession since nursing was established over a century ago.

Of course, in Dovehaven we have members of the senior team members who are qualified nurses, as well, of course,  as many residents in our homes.

Church View have three  residents who worked as nurses and these are their stories:

Pat qualified at 22 years of age and loved being a nurse,  she specialised in surgery and said her favourite part of the job was helping and organising emergencies. The least favourite job was cleaning the sluice!

Margaret worked in care from the age of 15 and then went into her nursing career. Margaret loved being a nurse and specialised in palliative care. Margaret still has a beautiful caring nature, like the saying goes, ‘once a nurse always a nurse’.

Kath qualified as nurse at the age of 21. She worked in several Welsh hospitals and in Broadgreen, Liverpool. Kath loved nursing and specialised in general medicine, she says he favourite part of the role was helping people be free from pain and she loved to teach .

Brooklands were also able to tell us something about Colette, a retired nurse. She worked for 22 years in the Royal Liverpool. Old habits die hard, Colette is the chief bed maker at Brooklands and happily checks the care staff are all in line!

We appreciate their experience, skills and talents and are so happy we are able to highlight their years of dedicated service to the general public.

The very best of the nursing profession, no matter in which decade they began their careers!

The sun is shining down on Dovehaven!

Dovehaven on target to be ‘carbon neutral’

Our long term commitment to our care homes is deep set and to ensure that our care business is sustainable for years to come Dovehaven, uniquely, have had a green strategy, before the rest of the world realised they needed one!

Dovehaven have taken on the serious challenge of being the first care home group to become ‘carbon neutral’. This target being achieved by offsetting the carbon footprint of our business, by working with ‘green’ energy experts who are able to provide current best practice and actions for us to follow.

Every Dovehaven home now has solar panels installed on the roof of their building with the energy from our rooftops used in our homes. This ensures our fuel requirements from conventional fossil based sources is minimised. We are proud to say that we were the winner of the 2019  Energy Efficiency Award in the ‘Renewable Heat Installer’ category and were highly commended in the ‘Best Large Scale Project’ category also in 2019. We are certainly making progress!

On our journey to become even greener, biomass boilers have been installed where possible in our homes and the recent introduction of digital dashboards, just like a smart meter at home, ensures we can  monitor energy usage and surplus. Surplus, or ‘spare’ energy is sold back to the national grid for others to use. What could be better, all we need and more?  Solar power is of course renewable and an infinite source of energy, converting sunshine, or should we say ‘daylight’  into both electricity and heat is the way our homes can be sure our carbon footprint is diminishing daily.

Let us say that our drive to achieve our aim to be carbon neutral, making the least possible impact on the planet, is great for our homes, great for our residents and also are perfectly aligned with other ‘best in class’ fuel efficient businesses. But most of all, is a legacy for future generations, for which we feel our older generations now would be most proud.

Maple Lodge features on BBC Granada news

Lise McNally interviews Lou Corris 

Maple Lodge featured on a Granada News report in May when the subject of family visits to care homes was a ‘hot topic’. The home featured on the evening news in a report highlighting a campaign group supporting care home residents in calling on the Government to end what they call ‘inhumane restrictions’ on family visits.

The Rights for Residents Group, which was founded by two Liverpool women, said many care homes were ignoring the new relaxed guidelines on family visits – often limiting residents to one, 30 minute visit a week at most.

How great to see Lou Corris and her team talk about testing, visiting and how life has changed in our care homes for them, family members and our residents. Lou was interviewed and she was able to explain all of the continued efforts they, and all Dovehaven homes, were making to ensure that family members could visit their residents, safely, and within the government guidelines.

Lou said ‘We spend a lot of our time, the diaries quite full, I feel a bit like an events coordinator sometimes.’

Lou and her Maple Lodge team did the home and us proud. After the report was broadcast, two members of the public took the trouble to contact us via the Dovehaven website and send us comments about the report:

‘Hello. I watched your Interview on the TV tonight.

My mum (80) has dementia. She was in the Countess with a broken ankle and Covid hit so she wasn’t allowed home. They said my dad (82) couldn’t look after her safely. And they were right. At that point mum did recognise us. It took a while. But once we had sang all her favourite hymns, she got it. Xx But mum was eventually moved into a care home. And now we can see her she has absolutely no idea who we are. (The gap was just too long) We were , and still are such a close family.
When I watched your interview tonight. You said ‘I work with patients with dementia and you may think they don’t know you been for the visit but they are happier when you have gone. Xx

You have no idea how happy that made me feel. I phoned my sister and said, Did you see the lady on the news about care homes and she said yes … I couldn’t stop crying.

Lou. Thank you so much for your comments. We really didn’t think our mum could do emotion. Whose right? Will we never know. But tonight you gave us hope and made our weekly visits full of hope.  Thank you.

‘Hi Guys,
Just saw all about your Maple Lodge Home on news, how nice to see people who care and residents getting cared for,……. Your home looked lovely and you can see how much the girls loved the residents’

What wonderful comments!

Thank you to our family members who also took part in the report, we do appreciate it.

Should you wish to see the report, please follow this link


Dovehaven embraces Oomph! On Demand

If laughing yoga isn’t your thing……something else will be!

Dovehaven have signed up with ‘Oomph! on Demand’ to access the new online world of activity resources for a further 2 years. This platforms provides engaging exercise and activity content for care homes, 365 days a year, across a diverse range of topics and meeting a range of interests and abilities.

Oomph! On Demand is streamed into all care homes to enhance the minds, bodies and souls of care home residents!

The Dovehaven homes have access to the whole platform, which includes:

  • Sports sessions such as slipper soccer and seated volleyball, designed with national sports bodies including Volleyball England, Boccia England and the English Cricket Board
  • Exercise activities adapted for different health conditions with experts from Arthritis Action and the University of Exeter
  • Language lessons with Lingo Flamingo, an expert organisation who make language learning accessible for all and improve the lives of those living with dementia.
  • Singalongs, music therapy sessions, drama workshops, virtual tours of stunning landscapes, cookery inspiration and how-to craft activities, to name but a few!

Care home staff and residents are able to select activities according to their personal interests.

‘Oomph! On Demand’ gives our homes and residents easy access to an ever widening choice of activities and hobbies, we love it’. said Jo Hadfield, Head of Quality at Dovehaven.

Can you hear laughing?  That laughing yoga session has just started!

Residents are amazed by VR Headsets

‘Out of this world’ is the verdict!

If you thought that swimming with turtles was one of those things you only imagined you might get to be able to do, well you might be wrong. Some of our homes have been part of a trial with VR Care, who promote the use of virtual reality experiences in care home settings where the experience of swimming with turtles is very real indeed!

Whether being on safari with big game in Africa, having a tour of the space station or a tour around Roman Chester, the experience is nothing but captivating for all who have tried it, in fact our residents have been nothing but amazed. Our team members have had a try as well, this is a fantastic innovation.

Those homes who have been involved with the pilot scheme are:

  • Manchester House
  • Millbrook
  • The Brunswick
  • Dovehaven Grove
  • Marsh House
  • Church View

With limitless subjects which can be explored, this is an advancement in the pursuit of an individuals hobbies and interests which previously have not been within a care environment. How things are changing!