Namaste: The new approach to dementia care at Dovehaven Care Homes

In the realm of dementia care, where traditional methods may fall short in engaging individuals in the later stages of the illness, Dovehaven Care Homes have introduced an innovative approach – Namaste care. As a leading care provider in the north west, we strive to redefine the standard of care for residents living with diseases such a dementia, enhancing their quality of life and fostering a sense of dignity and connection.

Namaste care, derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘to honor the spirit within,’ is a holistic approach that goes beyond conventional methods to engage individuals with dementia. At Dovehaven, we recognise that as cognitive abilities decline, residents may find it challenging to participate in regular activities. Therefore, Namaste care focuses on activating all senses – touch, sound, smell, taste, and sight – to create meaningful experiences for our residents.

Incorporating Namaste care into our homes allows us to provide personalized and compassionate support tailored to the unique needs of each resident. Through gentle touch therapy, soothing music, aromatherapy, delicious treats, and visually stimulating environments, we create opportunities for residents to connect with their surroundings and rediscover moments of joy and comfort.

One of the key principles of Namaste care is the creation of a serene and calming environment where residents feel safe and valued. Our dedicated team of caregivers undergoes specialized training to understand the intricacies of dementia and how to effectively implement Namaste principles in daily care routines. By fostering a warm and nurturing atmosphere, we promote emotional well-being and enhance overall quality of life for our residents.

A calm and relaxing bedroom with golden sunlight streaming in
Namaste care is often delivered in a resident’s own bedroom, where it is calm and comfortable

At Dovehaven Care Homes, we believe that every individual deserves to live with dignity and respect, regardless of their cognitive abilities. Through our commitment to Namaste care, we aim to uphold these values and provide a holistic approach to dementia care that prioritizes the well-being of our residents above all else.

As a leading provider of dementia care, Dovehaven Care Homes continues to set the standard for excellence in senior living. With Namaste care at the forefront of our approach, we remain dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals living with dementia and supporting their families every step of the way.

Experience the transformative power of Namaste care at Dovehaven Care Homes – where compassion meets innovation in dementia care.

Reclaiming independence; Southport Care Home launches reablement care for residents


Here at Dovehaven Residential Home, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new reablement care program! Designed specifically for younger residents aged 50 and above, this program caters to individuals who have recently experienced a physical or mental illness and require support in regaining their independence.

What is Reablement Care?

Reablement is a short-term, goal-oriented approach to care that focuses on empowering residents to rediscover their abilities and return to living as independently as possible. Through a personalised care plan, our dedicated team works alongside residents to identify their individual needs and create a program that fosters a sense of achievement and self-reliance.

Benefits of Reablement Care:

  • Improved Physical and Mental Wellbeing: Reablement care encourages residents to participate in activities that enhance their physical strength, cognitive function, and overall well-being. This can include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and tailored exercise programs.
  • Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem: By regaining skills and independence, residents experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem. This sense of accomplishment is crucial for a positive outlook and a smoother transition back to independent living.
  • Reduced Length of Stay: Reablement is a time-limited program designed to get residents back on their feet quickly and efficiently. This not only benefits residents but also allows us to welcome new individuals seeking support on their road to recovery.

Why Dovehaven?

Dovehaven Residential Home provides a warm and welcoming environment specifically designed to support the reablement journey. The Rest Home is a stunning victorian villa, located in the heart of Southport. Ideally situated with access to the town’s key shopping and recreational areas. Our team of highly qualified and compassionate professionals are dedicated to creating a personalised plan that caters to each resident’s unique needs and goals.

A unique feature of the home is the resident’s kitchen, which is accessible for residents who are receiving reablement care. The kitchen is fully fitted with a sink, microwave, kettle, toaster, fridge and washing machine. The functional space is designed to support with resident’s journey’s back to independent living.

A small functional kitchen with white cupboards, sink, microwave and washing machine
Resident’s kitchen, complete with sink, kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge and washing machine.

Another notable feature of the home is the help yourself style breakfast bar. As well as daily home cooked meals from our kitchen, residents at the home can enjoy a breakfast bar that is always stocked with cereals and fruit. It is up to the resident when and where they want to eat and spend their time. Residents on their journey back to independent living will benefit from the flexible care that is offered by our amazing team.

We understand that experiencing a physical or mental illness can be a challenging time. Our reablement program offers a supportive and encouraging environment where residents can build confidence, regain independence, and pave the way for a fulfilling future.

If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about our reablement care program, please don’t hesitate to contact Dovehaven Residential Home today. We’re here to help you take the first steps back to independent living.


Welcome Avonleigh Gardens to the Dovehaven Family of Care Homes

Avonleigh Gardens care home located in the heart of Oldham in Greater Manchester
Avonleigh Gardens care home located in the heart of Oldham in Greater Manchester
Dovehaven Care Home Group is pleased to welcome Avonleigh Gardens care home into the Dovehaven family of care homes.

This week, Dovehaven have completed on their purchase of Avonleigh Gardens Care Home. This move marks a significant expansion for Dovehaven, reinforcing our commitment to providing exceptional person-centred care to residents across the north west. The home, which is located in Oldham, Greater Manchester was previously operated by MHA (Methodist Housing Association). Continue reading “Welcome Avonleigh Gardens to the Dovehaven Family of Care Homes”

Dean Wood Manor rated 5th best care home in Wigan

Dean Wood Manor Care home stands proud in an idyllic green luscious landscape of well kept lawns and dark green trees.Dean Wood Manor has been ranked in the top 5 care homes in Wigan, according to an article posted by Wigan Today, last week.

In the list, Dean Wood Manor has been ranked as the 5th best rated care home in Wigan, based on scores, of which Dean Wood Manor has secured a 9.8 rating!

Home Manager Jane Davies expressed her sincere thanks to all family members who have left their reviews of Dean Wood Manor on in recent weeks.

Want to find out more about Dean Wood Manor Care Home? is the UK’s largest care home review site. The website allows verified family members and friends of residents to leave reviews of the care, the team, and the facilities of care homes up and down the country. Each care home is given a score out of 10, which helps customers and possible residents to compare the standards of care between many different care homes.

Part of the award-winning Dovehaven family of care homes, Dean Wood Manor is CQC rated Good, and specialises in Dementia Nursing care for 50 residents.

We are thrilled to be recognised so highly in this list of the top 17 care homes in Wigan and congratulate the hard work and dedication that the Dean Wood Manor team continually show to the residents and their families.

A big well done to all the other care homes who have been rated in this article. You can read the full list of Care Homes here (

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Forever, Together: Caring for Couples this Christmas

At Dovehaven, we know that every resident is different and we pride ourselves on our ability to cater for a diverse range of care needs. For couples, the decision is move your partner into a care home is not one that is made lightly. Fortunately, at the Brunswick Care Home in Southport, we’re proud to offer specially tailored care packages for couples who wish to stay forever, together.

An elderly couple enjoying residential care together in a care home, talking to a nurse

Couples Care

Moving into a care home together is a great choice for couples, and offers residents living together a range of benefits. As well as continuing to enjoy each others company, couples can participate in activities and dine together.

Living in a care home together can give you peace of mind that your loved one is being looked after correctly. You both will get to know the staff and the environment, so in the event that either of your  health conditions change, the other will already be in a familiar and supportive environment.

As one of Dovehaven’s legacy homes, the Brunswick Care Home is an impressive building. Located on Lord Street in Southport, The Brunswick offers couples a range of spacious bedrooms, with the choice of a double or twin bed set ups.

A large and grand bedroom in a care home with a double bed, vanity desk and pair of arm chairs, perfect for a couple.As residents at the Brunswick, you both will be able to benefit from our tailored and personalised care packages, allowing you and your partner to stay together even if you require different types of care.

As a residential care home, the care team at the Brunswick can provide couples with support with everyday task such as personal care, mobility, medication administration, meals and housekeeping. This frees up couples to enjoy more time together, doing the activities that you both love doing.

Once moved into the Brunswick, couples can be sure that their life together can remain as it always has. Routines can continue, and most importantly independence and all personal choices will remain a priority.

Pricing for the Brunswick starts from £875 per person per week

Interested in Couples Care? Make an enquiry now.

The grand central staircase in the Brunswick care home in southport.

About the Brunswick

Located on historic Lord Street in Southport, this residential care home offers premium comfort and care to residents, including couples together, in the most beautiful of buildings.

The Brunswick is not like other care homes, it was designed and built during Southport’s Victorian heyday when the grandeur of buildings in the town of Southport knew no bounds. Buildings had large rooms with high ceilings and were finished to standards rarely seen today. This is a home where no expense has been spared.

Residents are able to be as independent as they wish. Ideally located close to shops, cafes bars and restaurants our residents enjoy quick, easy level access to Lord Street. Car parking is also available at the front of the home for residents and visitors alike.

Impressed by the Brunswick Care Home? Get in touch today.

Meet the team

Led by Kelly Mortimer, a Home Manager with a passion for excellent standards of resident care and hospitality, the team at The Brunswick deliver the best of care and service. There to meet every resident need, they are a team who have all of the skills and personal qualities required to keep our residents happy.

The Chef leads the kitchen team and desires to deliver the very best menu to meet our residents expectations, ensuring our residents receive their meals which are seasonal and beautifully cooked.

The whole team at The Brunswick are dedicated to ensuring that the home delivers care of an excellent standard and that all of the residents wishes and needs are met.

Want to arrange to visit the Brunswick and meet the team? Call us on 01704 535 786 or email 

The large and impressive dining hall at the Brunswick Care Home in Southport, with high ceilings, red velvet curtains and four chandeliers


Our large beautiful dining room is a stand out feature of our home, a place where it is a pleasure to dine for every meal.

The grandeur of the dining room in The Brunswick is reminiscent of the days when the home was an imposing hotel on historic Lord Street. Tables are still beautifully set however, the dining room is designed with our residents in mind, ensuring they feel very much ‘at home’.

Our residents and visitors receive the very best of hospitality service from our team of hosts and hostesses. Visitors are assured of a warm welcome and are always offered refreshments, whatever the time of day or night.

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Get in Touch

If you look what you’ve seen and are interested in Couples Care at the Brunswick Care Home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and welcoming team are ready to offer you personalised advice on care requirement for you and your loved one.

Please email us

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Dovehaven rated in UK ‘Top 20’

Dovehaven, a care home group in the UK, has recently achieved significant recognition for their outstanding care and services. They were named one of the ‘Top 20 Rated Large Care Home Groups in the UK’ by, a platform often referred to as the care sector’s equivalent of TripAdvisor. This achievement has brought great joy and celebration to the entire Dovehaven ‘family’ of care homes.

The Managing Director of Dovehaven, Sam Jacob, expressed immense gratitude to the residents, their families, and friends who took the time to share their reviews and feedback. He acknowledged that this recognition is not only a milestone for Dovehaven but also a testament to the hard work and dedication exhibited by the entire Dovehaven team. Sam Jacob emphasized that receiving positive reviews and recognition from the residents and their families is of utmost importance to Dovehaven, as it reflects the genuine satisfaction and trust placed in their care.

Furthermore, Garden Lodge Care Home, a part of Dovehaven, achieved an additional accolade by being recognized as one of the ‘Top 20 Rated Care Homes in the North West.’ This achievement reflects the exceptional efforts of Catherine Ponzini, the care home’s team, and the unwavering support they received from their residents and families. Dovehaven takes great pride in this accomplishment, considering it a highly sought-after recognition within the care home industry.

Dovehaven’s message emphasizes that the opinions and experiences shared by the residents and their families hold more significance than the self-proclaimed excellence of the care home group. They extend heartfelt thanks to the families who have provided kind and supportive comments, as well as constructive feedback, which has contributed to the growth and improvement of Dovehaven’s services. The recognition and appreciation from the residents and their families mean a great deal to Dovehaven, as it reflects their commitment to providing exceptional care and creating a nurturing environment for their residents.

Maple Lodge features on BBC Granada news

Lise McNally interviews Lou Corris 

Maple Lodge were featured on a BBC Granada News report in May when the subject of family visits to care homes was a ‘hot topic’. The home featured on the evening news in a report highlighting a campaign group supporting care home residents in calling on the Government to end what they call ‘inhumane restrictions’ on family visits.

The Rights for Residents Group, which was founded by two Liverpool women, said many care homes were ignoring the new relaxed guidelines on family visits – often limiting residents to one, 30 minute visit a week at most.

How great to see Lou Corris and her team talk about testing, visiting and how life has changed in our care homes for them, family members and our residents. Lou was interviewed and she was able to explain all of the continued efforts they, and all Dovehaven homes, were making to ensure that family members could visit their residents, safely, and within the government guidelines.

Lou said ‘We spend a lot of our time, the diaries quite full, I feel a bit like an events coordinator sometimes.’

Lou and her Maple Lodge team did the home and us proud. After the report was broadcast, two members of the public took the trouble to contact us via the Dovehaven website and send us comments about the report:

‘Hello. I watched your Interview on the TV tonight.

My mum (80) has dementia. She was in the Countess with a broken ankle and Covid hit so she wasn’t allowed home. They said my dad (82) couldn’t look after her safely. And they were right. At that point mum did recognise us. It took a while. But once we had sang all her favourite hymns, she got it. Xx But mum was eventually moved into a care home. And now we can see her she has absolutely no idea who we are. (The gap was just too long) We were , and still are such a close family.
When I watched your interview tonight. You said ‘I work with patients with dementia and you may think they don’t know you been for the visit but they are happier when you have gone. Xx

You have no idea how happy that made me feel. I phoned my sister and said, Did you see the lady on the news about care homes and she said yes … I couldn’t stop crying.

Lou. Thank you so much for your comments. We really didn’t think our mum could do emotion. Whose right? Will we never know. But tonight you gave us hope and made our weekly visits full of hope.  Thank you.

‘Hi Guys,
Just saw all about your Maple Lodge Home on BBC news, how nice to see people who care and residents getting cared for,……. Your home looked lovely and you can see how much the girls loved the residents’

What wonderful comments!

Thank you to our family members who also took part in the report, we do appreciate it.

Should you wish to see the report, please follow this link


V E Day celebrations at Dovehaven

Residents take part in Anniversary celebrations for VE Day  

The 76th anniversary of V E Day 2021 was celebrated in style in our Dovehaven homes. Union Jacks were strung up as bunting and the homes were decorated to ensure that the celebrations were as they should be.

Marsh House decorated their dining room and had a ball. Brooklands enjoyed an afternoon in true ‘street party style. Bunting, flags, balloons, buffet, they had it all! Paradise House had a great party with a surprise visit from a bear, who would have thought it! Church View sang Vera Lynn songs and ate fish and chips, now that’s very British!

Manchester House had also put a lot of preparation into the day and put on the most fantastic display of items from the era. Apart from decorating the doorway of the home with the union jack bunting, there were some real ‘conversation starters’. A tin warders hat, a box of tea, powered egg and a gas mask, there was everything displayed to evoke the 1940’s. What a great way to set the atmosphere for the day, which included a great party!

However Dean Wood Manor organised a day, like not other, with vintage cars and appropriate 1940’s costume to ensure the day had that authentic feel.

Residents enjoyed being able to admire the cars, which were driven right up to the front door, with many pictures were taken as a momento for the day. Staff dressed as land girls and members of the home guard, everyone entered into the spirit of the day. The fun did not stop there, inside the party continued with a karaoke party  and a celebratory cake and buffet. It was certainly a day to remember.

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Butterflies released in Birkdale

Westcliffe Manor have been getting to know the most attractive members of the butterfly family.

Thanks to Linda, the daughter of a resident, Westcliffe Manor have been able to release ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies into their garden. Released at the end of April when the blossom was on the fruit tree, the residents were able to learn about the process of rearing and releasing these beautiful butterflies successfully.

The photographs taken on the day do little justice to the close up view everyone had when the butterfly was placed upon the flowers.

Westcliffe Manor now have the idea using their  butterfly images for cards or invitations.

What an interesting activity for everyone to be involved in.

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