Dovehaven’s 460 miles challenge for Heart Month

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Dovehaven’s 460 miles challenge for Heart Month

DID YOU KNOW 460 People die each day in the UK due to heart related disease?

This month, Dovehaven are on a mission. We want to help raise awareness of heart related diseases and to encourage heart healthy habits for our colleagues. In collaboration with Heart UK, Dovehaven Care Homes is taking on the Challenge 46.

During this month long challenge, Dovehaven colleagues are attempting to collectively walk 460 miles! In covering this distance, we hope to spread awareness of the risks of high cholesterol. One step at a time, we want to promote a path to good heart health for our employees. An active lifestyle is not only important for our physical health, but also the mental health and wellbeing of individuals. A brisk 10-minute daily walk has been proven to be the cheapest and simplest way to reduce ones risk of developing heart related illnesses in later life, so it is crucial that we encourage many of our colleagues to put on their walking shoes this month and help us towards our goal of 460 miles!

Heart health is an important issue for Dovehaven. Throughout our 20 care homes across the North West, we have many residents and colleagues who are affected by heart related illnesses. During the Month, we will be taking many opportunities to share information about heart health. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we will be sharing steps that individuals can take to lower their own cholesterol and improve their own heart health.

Other events in the Month

Dovehaven’s 460 mile walk for Heart Month is just one of the events that the organisation are using to promote healthy heart habits for our residents and team members. Coinciding with the month of Valentines Day, Dovehaven’s approach to national Heart Month this February is all about sharing the love to ourselves as well as our friends and family. Mental well-being is just as important as our physical well-being. Taking steps to improve one, has had a proven effect on improving the other.

By taking on this challenge, Dovehaven is continuing our commitment to championing person-centred care, and improving the standard of care across the region. As an award winning care provider in the North West of England, we recognise the importance of taking care of Dovehaven employees, so they can continue to take excellent care of our residents. Find out more about the award winning care at Dovehaven.

To follow along with Dovehaven’s challenge to walk 460 miles, follow us on social media including Facebook and Linkedin!

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