What is next for the care sector? Takeaways from the Care Roadshow North West

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What is next for the care sector? Takeaways from the Care Roadshow North West

You wouldn’t be mistaken for assuming that the care industry isn’t quick to embrace change. But the future of social care is more vibrant than you may first expect.┬áThe recent Care roadshow at Aintree Racecourse was a showcase of this ambition and excitement for all the things that are coming down the line in the elderly care industry.

The care roadshow in aintree prioritises the future of social care The roadshow, which is hosted every year in six locations across the UK is a whirlwind of informative talks, insightful discussions, and a genuine sense of optimism for the future of elderly care. Here at Dovehaven Care Homes, we were thrilled to participate and connect with a wide range of experts and leading voices in the industry.

 Talking about the future of Social Care

The focus of many talks was a welcome shift towards more holistic approaches to dementia care, particularly for those living with advanced dementia and those nearing the end of life. Dr Isabelle Latham, Researcher-in-Residents at Hallmark Care Homes presented the case for the positive impact of Namaste Care, a philosophy that resonates deeply with our own values here at Dovehaven. To learn more about Namaste Care and how it can enrich the lives of residents, you can visit our previous blog post on the topic and how we are using it in our homes such as Church View, to deliver truly person-centred care all the way through till a resident takes their final breath.

Another key takeaway from the event was the emphasis on upskilling our workforces and creating sustainable pipelines for employee development. Claire Leake FCIPD, Chief People Officer at National Care Group Limited spoke passionately about the importance of nurturing talent within the care sector. We couldn’t agree more. This is why we recently launched our new internal communications platform to foster better engagement and growth opportunities for all our colleagues. You can read more about our Blink launch day on our social media here.

Investing in our workforce is paramount to providing exceptional care and making a brighter future for social care. And we are committed to ensuring our colleagues feel valued, supported, and have clear pathways for career advancement if they choose. That’s why we are committed to paying all our colleagues the Real UK Living Wage. Interested in joining our dedicated team and making a real difference in the lives of others? Visit our recruitment page, to explore the wide range of rewarding opportunities we have available.

The Care Roadshow left us feeling inspired and excited about the future of elderly care. A future that prioritises a more holistic approach, empowers caregivers, and ultimately, creates a more enriching and fulfilling experience for all residents. We at Dovehaven are proud to be a part of this positive transformation.

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