Manchester House Memorial Garden: A Place of All Residents, Friends & Family!

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Manchester House Memorial Garden: A Place of All Residents, Friends & Family!

Welcome to Manchester House, a place where love and care thrive. Located at 83 Albert Road Southport, just a stone’s throw away from Hesketh Park, this specialist care home has a newly renovated outside space known now as the ‘Memorial Garden’. Opened on the 8th of June, this beautiful garden serves as a memory of a beloved resident who left a legacy to the home, through a generous donation. Let’s delve deeper into the story behind the garden, its significance, and the joy it brings to all who visit.

The Grand Opening

On a sunny day on June 6th, the Mayor of Sefton, Cllr June Burns, honoured us by opening the Manchester House Memorial Garden. The day was filled with buzz as we prepared for the occasion, putting up bunting and preparing the special celebratory afternoon tea, as the mayor joined in on the fun, also spending some time in our games room playing air hockey and shooting hoops in our basketball net, managing to score a hoop the first try! Cllr June Burns then took a tour of our home, taking the time to meet our residents and assembled family members and friends who were chatting to her about the wonderful care they receive.

Location and Setting

Situated in the popular seaside town of Southport, Manchester House is directly opposite Hesketh Park. Housed within the grounds of a grand Victorian building, the memorial garden offers a space for all. It’s a beautifully kept garden, filled with newly planted flowers among the established trees, this is also a haven for wildlife which makes it a peaceful place to sit and enjoy. In addition to this space, the home itself has two dining rooms, two lounges and two courtyard garden areas, with seating areas available for all to enjoy the sun and BBQ, weather permitting!

Why was the Memorial Garden Created

The creation of the memorial garden was driven by the desire to honour the memory of a cherished resident who had called Manchester House home for a number of years. Through his generous donation, he left a legacy that allowed us to create this beautiful space where people may sit. Visitors to the garden are also able to add a ‘memory token’ on the ‘memory tree’. The garden serves as a reminder of the love and care that permeates throughout Manchester House, touching the lives of our residents, their families, and our dedicated staff.

Kylie Radcliffe, Home Manager of Manchester House, said this at the opening event ‘’We have created a space where relatives, friends or residents, can leave a token in the memory of a loved one,  as a reminder of what they meant to us. I am sure that we are all grateful for the generous gift made to us and he is looking down and pleased with what we did with it!’’

A Place for Reflection and Remembrance

The Manchester House Memorial Garden offers a serene environment where one can sit, read, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. The garden provides a space for residents, family members, and staff to come together, read messages of love and remembrance, and be reminded of the deep sense of community that Manchester House fosters.

The Manchester House Memorial Garden stands as a symbol of love, remembrance, and tranquillity. It is a testament to the generosity of a resident whose memory will forever be cherished within the walls of Manchester House. As residents and visitors find respite in this environment, they are reminded of the care and dedication that make Manchester House a truly exceptional place.

Come and experience Manchester House and its Memorial Garden for yourself—a place where beauty, serenity, and the spirit of love unite.

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