Meet Abi: Dovehaven’s Digital Marketing Apprentice #NAW2024

A headshot of Abi Warley.As it is national apprenticeships week, we wanted to shine a light on Dovehaven’s digital apprentice, Abi Warley.

Abi joined Dovehaven in October 2023 after completing her studies in Graphic Design at Southport college. As part of the Dovehaven Corporate Development Team, she has been able to put her graphic design skills into practice in the real world. Since starting at Dovehaven, Abi has been involved with some of the organisation’s biggest campaigns, including the re-opening of the top floor of Pennine View Care Home, our Forever Together campaign, and our 40th birthday celebrations last October (we really threw her in to the deep end with that one).

As Dovehaven’s digital marketing apprentice, Abi is constantly learning on the job, earning a wage and growing as a young professional early in her career. Each week, Abi has one day dedicated to working towards her apprenticeship qualification, learning online with a dedicated tutor. The rest of the week Abi is on the ground, visiting our care homes, taking part in meetings with Managers and helping to make decisions about advertising spend, marketing campaigns, and brand design.

We asked Abi about the top 5 things she has learnt since starting at Dovehaven:


5 things I have learnt being a digital marketing apprentice working for a large care home group:

1. The first thing I have learnt since working as a digital marketing apprentice is that you don’t have to learn just from a book, but you can also learn from people within your industry. That could be whether they are teaching you something completely new or helping you expand on your current knowledge.

2. Another key thing I have learnt which I consider to be important is responding to the negative as well as the positive. Working in the marketing industry means you could spend a lot of time reading what others have written about your company on social media whether it be good or bad. As much as everyone loves the positive it’s important to listen to the negative as it shows that we as a company listen to what everyone is saying and not just ignoring it, and it can help us focus on what we need to improve on.

3. Researching different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc are also key in digital marketing as it will help you know what age ranges to reach on those platforms. For example, if you were to reach someone between the ages of 50-60, it would be more reasonable to advertise on Facebook whereas someone in their 20’s might be more active on Instagram or TikTok.

4. Something key I’ve learnt is that without social media, a lot of businesses might struggle to advertise themselves as without the social media presence it would be more difficult to reach potential customers and instead you would have to rely on making sure your SEO is high to make sure you rank higher on search engines.

5. The last key thing I’ve learnt since working as a digital marketing apprentice for a large care home group is that you must have a balance between what you’re posting such as a mix of photos, videos and information graphics. The different social media platforms usually have specific types of posts, such as TikTok is used for videos whereas Instagram and Facebook would generally have photos. – Abi

We’re so proud to have such young and creative talent working at Dovehaven. Doing this apprenticeship will set Abi up for a bright future, armed with all the skills she needs to succeed in a career in digital marketing.

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