Forever, Together: Caring for Couples this Christmas

At Dovehaven, we know that every resident is different and we pride ourselves on our ability to cater for a diverse range of care needs. For couples, the decision is move your partner into a care home is not one that is made lightly. Fortunately, at the Brunswick Care Home in Southport, we’re proud to offer specially tailored care packages for couples who wish to stay forever, together.

An elderly couple enjoying residential care together in a care home, talking to a nurse

Couples Care

Moving into a care home together is a great choice for couples, and offers residents living together a range of benefits. As well as continuing to enjoy each others company, couples can participate in activities and dine together.

Living in a care home together can give you peace of mind that your loved one is being looked after correctly. You both will get to know the staff and the environment, so in the event that either of your  health conditions change, the other will already be in a familiar and supportive environment.

As one of Dovehaven’s legacy homes, the Brunswick Care Home is an impressive building. Located on Lord Street in Southport, The Brunswick offers couples a range of spacious bedrooms, with the choice of a double or twin bed set ups.

A large and grand bedroom in a care home with a double bed, vanity desk and pair of arm chairs, perfect for a couple.As residents at the Brunswick, you both will be able to benefit from our tailored and personalised care packages, allowing you and your partner to stay together even if you require different types of care.

As a residential care home, the care team at the Brunswick can provide couples with support with everyday task such as personal care, mobility, medication administration, meals and housekeeping. This frees up couples to enjoy more time together, doing the activities that you both love doing.

Once moved into the Brunswick, couples can be sure that their life together can remain as it always has. Routines can continue, and most importantly independence and all personal choices will remain a priority.

Pricing for the Brunswick starts from £875 per person per week

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The grand central staircase in the Brunswick care home in southport.

About the Brunswick

Located on historic Lord Street in Southport, this residential care home offers premium comfort and care to residents, including couples together, in the most beautiful of buildings.

The Brunswick is not like other care homes, it was designed and built during Southport’s Victorian heyday when the grandeur of buildings in the town of Southport knew no bounds. Buildings had large rooms with high ceilings and were finished to standards rarely seen today. This is a home where no expense has been spared.

Residents are able to be as independent as they wish. Ideally located close to shops, cafes bars and restaurants our residents enjoy quick, easy level access to Lord Street. Car parking is also available at the front of the home for residents and visitors alike.

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Meet the team

Led by Kelly Mortimer, a Home Manager with a passion for excellent standards of resident care and hospitality, the team at The Brunswick deliver the best of care and service. There to meet every resident need, they are a team who have all of the skills and personal qualities required to keep our residents happy.

The Chef leads the kitchen team and desires to deliver the very best menu to meet our residents expectations, ensuring our residents receive their meals which are seasonal and beautifully cooked.

The whole team at The Brunswick are dedicated to ensuring that the home delivers care of an excellent standard and that all of the residents wishes and needs are met.

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The large and impressive dining hall at the Brunswick Care Home in Southport, with high ceilings, red velvet curtains and four chandeliers


Our large beautiful dining room is a stand out feature of our home, a place where it is a pleasure to dine for every meal.

The grandeur of the dining room in The Brunswick is reminiscent of the days when the home was an imposing hotel on historic Lord Street. Tables are still beautifully set however, the dining room is designed with our residents in mind, ensuring they feel very much ‘at home’.

Our residents and visitors receive the very best of hospitality service from our team of hosts and hostesses. Visitors are assured of a warm welcome and are always offered refreshments, whatever the time of day or night.

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