Sip, Sip, Hurray! Dovehaven’s virtual cocktail party

Celebrating 40 years of Dovehaven

Sip, Sip, Hurray! Dovehaven’s virtual cocktail party

Whoever said Care homes are no fun, clearly hasn’t been to a Dovehaven virtual cocktail party! On Friday afternoon, we hosted the 3rd of Dovehaven’s big birthday celebrations. Residents, members of the care team and support staff from head office met online via video call to throw a virtual cocktail party. And in true Dovehaven fashion, it was a hoot!

A dovehaven activity coordinator showcasing their extravagant cocktail bar ready for the dovehaven virtual birthday cocktail party.A display of cocktail glasses, fruit and alcohol bottles ready for the Dovehaven virtual birthday cocktail partyA display of cocktail glasses, fruit and alcohol bottles ready for the Dovehaven virtual birthday cocktail party









Each home had been asked to come prepared with one original cocktail or mocktail that embodied the Dovehaven spirit. And oh boy did our team get involved with this one! An emphasis on spirit must be heavily stressed here. The team and residents from the twelve homes that took part in the call, had all prepared at least 2 cocktails and mocktails each. Many of the homes had even put together cocktail displays, with extravagant designs, unique posters and decorations.


For a variety of different reasons some of our care homes have a zero-alcohol policy and in this case the teams were tasked to create delicious mocktails for their residents. However, many of our homes and our residents are not afraid of a little tipple now and again, and in these cases the spirits were high on Friday. As the name suggests, ‘The Brunswick Floor Diver’ which contained vodka, Bacardi and sparkling wine, was a particularly potent brew. The team at the Brunswick Care Home had reassured the judges that this cocktail had been thoroughly tested and enjoyed by many of the residents throughout the week.



Alcohol content was not the only measure of success for the cocktails on Friday. The judges were also giving out points for theatricality and extravagance. On the video call, we saw some great contributions to this category from the likes of Hope House, with their Halloween themed birthday cocktail called ‘The Alchemist’ which was served bubbling and erupting with fog. Another honourable mention came from Dovehaven Lodge, who had fully committed to the birthday theme, completing their cocktail with a lit candle!


Dietary requirements

A special mention must be made to the team at Pennine View. Not only did they make a separate cocktail and mocktail for residents to enjoy. But they went one step further, to ensure that their cocktail was not only delicious, but also nutritious. Pennine’s Blue Banana cocktail was fortified with double cream for added calories. This is especially important for residents with dietary requirements that mean they need to consume more calorific foods in their meals and drinks. Everybody was so touched to hear that the team at Pennine had not only considered fun and flavour in their cocktail, but also the specific needs of their residents.

Read more about how we care for residents with specialist health care requirements


After a tough round of deliberation, the softies in the corporate development team couldn’t help but give all participating homes an award each for their fantastic effort and real commitment to make this week’s party something really special for our residents.

The judges scores are in:

Brooklands Winners of the ‘Visual Merchandising Award’ what an excellent display of wonderful cocktails. We loved the care taken to present your drinks.

Church View Winners of the ‘Dovehaven Recognition Award’ for the ‘Gilberts Gamble Tequila rose’ and the ‘Dodgy Damo’

Marsh House Winners of the ‘Sugar Rush Award’ you can never have too much sugar!

Pennine View Winners of the ‘Inclusivity Award’ making sure there was a cocktail for everyone in the home, and a few calories extra!

Hope House Winners of the ‘Wow factor Award’ the Hope House Alchemy had to be seen to be believed

Paradise House Winners of ‘Spirit of the Home Award’ everyone has tried it and everyone has loved it!!

The Brunswick Winners of the ‘Potency Award’ nothing stronger being served on Lord Street

Dean Wood Manor Winners of the ‘Most Considered Cocktail’ Award – we loved the addition of ‘kindness’ to your cocktail!

Westcliffe Winners of the ‘Upmarket Award’ served from a drinks trolley and looked was definitely ‘shaken not stirred’.

Dovehaven Lodge Winners of the ‘Celebratory Award, thanks for recognising the 40th birthday, even with a candle on the top!

Millbrook Winners of the ‘Style’ Award served by a cocktail waiter who looks fresh out of Raffles!

Maple Lodge Winners of the ‘Disconnected but there in Spirit Award’


Thank you to all of the residents and care team for taking part in Dovehaven’s big birthday virtual cocktail party. It was so wonderful to see everybody enjoying themselves. The cocktails and mocktails certainly went down a treat with everybody!

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